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Drs Baffled - Any help or advice

Certain levels of noise and light triggers what they think is an Anaclitic migraine but they have stated I am not showing all the keys symptoms and they are not sure if this meneres or a form of eplisey . I get an aura for a few seconds and then I instantly loose vison in both eyes with only a tiny bit of vison in the bottom left eye. Vertigo kicks in and I am unable to walk properly without assistance at times physically lifting me up. The noise around seems to intensifies , that even the sound of my own voice I am curled up on the floor and trying to get away from it. I have no pain what's so ever and ok in myself - which has given the impression that I am making my symptoms up when having an attack both by work colleagues and medical professions! A recent attack followed by the fire alarm going off at work which left me literally incapacitated for several days - The medications I was given didn't work like it normally does ( samatrapin spray and pain relief ) Yesterday an alarm in the disabled toilets triggered symptoms . my concerns is the attacks get more frequent when the sun is low in the sky in winter and Autumn in the Uk .
However flashing lights have never caused a problem. pre-migraine tablets caused pain in my eyes and advised not to take. My eye health and sight are in very good health and do have them checked yearly.
I am genuinely at my wits end , if any one has any advice on how I can help myself , it will be sincerely appreciated .

  1. So sorry to hear you are navigating so many challenges. A lot of what you mention are symptoms we've heard that relate to migraine (vertigo, aura, sensitivity to sound and light) all possible to experience without head pain. Migraine is a complex neurological disease that causes comprehensive challenges. Are you seeing a migraine specialist? We definitely encourage folks to see a specialist, especially when symptoms are changing. While there is no cure, there are more than a hundred kinds of treatments for migraine. While the process of auditioning treatments can be trying- they can also bring some relief to help manage the symptoms. I live with chronic migraine and have found, after years of trying, a few different treatment strategies, that, when coupled together, can decrease the intensity of my symptoms. Let us know if we can help you find a specialist (although our resources are not as comprehensive for those living out of the US). Glad you're with us- we are here for you and hope you stay in touch. Warmly- Holly team

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