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Ear Pain

Hi everyone,

I'm a college student and I have had migraines for the past year or so. Today I had a migraine with the pain located on the right side of my head. Next thing I know, my right ear is bleeding--not a lot but still, it was bleeding. Has anyone else ever had a migraine where their ear has started to bleed? I went to the school nurse and she said it was a symptom that some people with migraines get, but I'm not sure how true that is....any ideas?

  1. italiachild - I can't say that I've heard of this as a symptom. I do know it can be a symptom of several other things though. If you are concerned at all, (and it seems you are) I suggest that you get to a doctor to investigate the cause of the ear bleed. Migraine isn't a disease that can be tested for, but you can rule other more serious things out. If all else fails, get to a headache specialist who is best equipped to help diagnose and treat headache patients - especially the tougher cases 😀

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