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Does anyone else experience these types of triggers?

Does anyone else experience these types of triggers? After eating a normal meal or carrying on a conversation, I get "woozy" then usually comes the tension feeling, then turns into a headache. These and other symptoms started about 4 years ago, initially gradually, now constant the last few years. I'm told I have migraine or combination headaches by two different neurologists but I've never heard of anyone else with these triggers. I'm still unsure of the diagnosis.

  1. Hi notoptimistic,

    Thank you for your question. A migraine attack can have many varied triggers. I wonder if there is a certain food that may be triggering an attack?

    Have you by any chance kept a detailed migraine diary? Doing so can help determine if there are any similar patterns and triggers to our migraine attacks. I think they are great, and have done this in the past for myself. Now, when my son was nine years old we kept a migraine attack diary and discovered his attacks were triggered by an irregular sleeping patterns, certain foods, dehydration and dark chocolate to name a few. Let me share this information that may help;

    Take a minute to read over some information on what a migraine attack is here on our site, I think you'll find it helpful!!

    Wishing you a low pain day,

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