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eye pain causing migraines??

So, I am wondering 1) does anyone else experience constantly aching eyes especially when moved, and light sensitive all the time, and blurry vision intermittently outside of migraine, and 2) could it be that my eyes are the problem and cause migraines, rather than my eye problems being a symptom of the migraine?


  1. Hi merrie,

    Many factors contribute to having migraine. According to Dr. Lipton, a leading migraine/headache disorder specialist, those of us who have migraine .... "have a "sensitive" brain, which means their nervous system is primed to overreact to triggers such as chocolate, red wine, or falling barometric pressure." This is from an interview in the magazine 'Neurology Now'.

    So, if our vision is a problem this could trigger, not cause, a migraine attack. This means eye issues can both be symptoms of attack and/or trigger one. Does that make sense? Blurry vision and eye pain can be symptoms of an attack along with many others. Let me share with you an article on the various symptoms of a migraine attack;

    An important thing to remember is any time we have new/different and/or ongoing symptoms with our doctor so he can rule out anything serious. Have you had a chance to have an eye examination recently?

    Please get in touch with your doctor and let us know how you are feeling.


    1. I have terrible eyesight so I make sure to get my yearly exam. Every year The eye doc says my eyes don't contribute to my migraines, and multiple docs have said this. However, I have eye pain before, during & after the migraine. I even get "droopy eye" especially when the pain is bad. It's always on the same side of the migraine which is right sided 95% of the time. My neurologist says I have neuralgia on that side of my face that triggers the migraines. I also often have blurry vision or holes in my vision in the same eye.

      1. I have had eye twitches before that one neurologist told me were migraines. Now I am experiencing a new sensation that I feel may be related - head "waves" My meds are being changed around and I'm having "waves" around the tops of my eyes and they seem to run straight through my head. They are just momentary, not really painful, but almost like a "rush" Remember when you hung your head over the side of the chair as a kid to get a head rush? That's what this feels like but I'm sitting straight up.

        1. Hi
          Thanks for your post I am feeling same and not known anyone else with it

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