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Feel worse when digesting - vestibular migraine

Hello, I've had vestibular migraine for some years now, but it's been much worse the past 7 years. When I'm having an episode (which can go on for weeks), my symptoms are significantly worse after I eat and it's not something that's triggered by the type of food I eat.

My symptoms, generally, are exceptional leg weakness, stiff neck, ataxia etc. I rarely get headaches. My neurologist said that the brain does funny things with digestion which didn't really made much sense.

Does anyone else get this as it's putting me off eating which is clearly not a good thing.

Thank you.

  1. Hi Kernow,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. During a migraine attack (which we can have without headache) we may have uncomfortable stomach issues. You can read more about stomach issues and migraine here;


    1. Hello and thanks for your post. It's not an uncomfortable stomach issue. When I eat, when I'm having a migraine episode, I can barely function; I can't walk, nor talk very well and my nerves are on edge. My stomach on the other hand feels entirely well. It seems to drag me down to some 'abyss'.

      1. Hi Kernow,

        Thank you for getting back to me. A migraine attack may include many symptoms, some of which include the things you mentioned. Let me share information with you on possible migraine attack symptoms;

        If any of these symptoms are new and/or different we encourage people to talk to their doctor so he/she can make sure everything checks out.


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