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Has anyone tried Memantine?

Memantine is supposed to help reduce cortical spreading depression. This can be connected with auras and with migraine itself. Examples of this effect that I have personally experienced are: scintillating scotomas, Broca's aphasia, and Wernicke's aphasia. Has anyone here had experience with Memantine, good or bad? It has some possibility of side effects, so I am wondering about the experiences of others before I decide whether or not I am willing to try it.

  1. - This is an interesting question. I've never heard of Memantine so cannot speak to its efficacy or side effects. We do have several articles that make mention of this approach so perhaps you can find something of use in these: And: And: Finally: Let us know if those prove useful and hopefully others will chime in with their first-hand experiences as well. Warmly- Holly team

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