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Headache, Back pain and leg muscle cramp

Sir ,
I am Shine, i have headache, back pain and leg muscle cramp from 3 days .I want to know that is this are any serious symptom.I didn't treated until now.Please help,
Shine Gopinath

  1. Have you seen a doctor from the time you posted this? It would be a good idea to have the symptoms checked out

    1. I agree with you Ronan. If you constantly feel the headache, back pain and leg muscle cramp, then you should definitely get it checked by a doctor. A close friend of mine too has faced similar situation. Thank God that all the reports were normal but his doctor advised him to use ergonomic chair while working. This is because ergonomic chairs are mostly used to cure the back pain and enables a person to work conveniently in office. So without wasting his time, he got his new chair from one of the genuine store and stated using it. He was really satisfied as he didn't faced the same situation again.

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