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Help! Need Advice on Managing Studying and Working.

Hi everyone. My name is Saif and I am 26 years old. I have had migraines since I was 10 years old. For the last 7 years the attack of migraines comes daily or day after day in the best scenario and it’s so severe and rough. I tried mostly everything in life and nothing is working. I take 4 pills of paracetamol 500 and 2 pills of Naratriptan every day. My kidneys start to pain and I’m incapable to live my life in any way. I can’t study or work or deal with people. Most of the time I’m in headache or drugged from the pills. I hope someone read this and help me in anyway. BTW I am getting my master's in Germany right now, so any recommendation or help will be much appreciated. Thank you

  1. Hi, Saif. Welcome! Graduate school is so difficult! It is hard even for healthy students, but worse when you are dealing with pain and the other symptoms caused by migraine.

    Are you working with a doctor to manage your migraines? Have you tried anything other than the paracetamol and triptan? There are many options to try, including other medications and non-pharmaceutical routes. You may want to speak to the university health center or the international students office, if there is one, to see about connecting with a neurologist or headache specialist in Germany.

    For now, here is a search I did about university life and migraines -- maybe you will find more insight here.

    We are here to support you! Take good care of yourself and best wishes in your program.

    Melissa, team

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