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How Often Should I Take Ubrelvy

I was prescribed Ubrelvy today because after 10 plus years after the same treatment plan it was time for a change. She prescribed 1 pill daily? From what I read it’s for acute migraines. Does anyone else take it daily? Also will be doing Botox next month. Is that one injection or how many I think she said 31? I have a migraine today when I saw her so don’t remember much? Oh yes, she said to take Aleve or Advil with the Ubrelvy if I can it will work faster.

  1. Hello . I can imagine it's hard to hold it all in memory when having a medical appointment when you're having a migraine!

    We can't offer medical advice because it wouldn't be safe or right as we aren't your medical professional (who knows you best), but perhaps you could call your doctor to clarify about the pill dosage and the botox doses that are planned for you?

    I really hope your new treatment plan works well for you, and I hope you have a pain free day.

    Best wishes, Tracy ( Team Member)

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