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Long lasting numbness and tingling

Long lasting numbness and tingling. I have a history of migraine with aura but without the migraine itself just a very slight headache during the Aura. On October 3rd I was losing my central vision as has commonly done in the past up to 30 minutes. What I experienced after that was tingling in my hand and upper lip. Four hours later I went to the emergency room concerned it could be a stroke. Had an immediate MRI with no findings at all related to anything. It’s been two weeks and I went to a neurologist a few days ago and he said this could last for several weeks possibly. My hand is numb my arm is numb my right side of my face is numb. It’s very frightening although the neurologist and his resident along with him assured me that this will fully recover. I am starting occupational therapy this coming week. Anyone have experiences like this I would appreciate hearing from.

  1. Hi. So sorry you are going through this -- definitely scary and frustrating as well! It's good you were able to rule out stroke, that is a good start. We can't give medical advice for your own safety, but it's worth noting that numbness and tingling can happen with some forms of migraine (most notably hemiplegic migraine), and that issues with the face can sometimes happen because of the many nerves in the face that can be affected by migraine. Recovery can take a while. Hopefully others will be along to share their experiences, but for now it seems like you've taken excellent steps toward getting this figured out, including occupational therapy, which is a great tool. Please keep us posted -- we are here for you! Hang in there. -Melissa, team

    1. I recently had a similar experience that left me with left hand and left leg numbness that lasted for over 7 days and it's still not 100% now . It's always a worry that it might be a stroke worth going to see doc just to be sure I've had 11 of these hemiplegic migraines in the last 6 weeks I can't remember the last time I felt normal . I will win this battle one day !!! Stay strong !

      1. Goodness, 11 hemiplegic migraines in 6 weeks? That's intense. I hope you're being followed by a migraine specialist? We can send you some referrals if not. You are so kind and compassionate to tell others to be strong- and you must have to dig deep yourself to be navigating this experience. Sometimes it's okay to just throw your hands up and say "This is really hard!" Because it is. I find, with navigating chronic daily migraine, I vacillate between pushing myself to be strong and trying to remember to be easy on myself too. This is a demanding experience, to be sure. We are here for you and are so thankful you are here for us. Warmly- Holly ( team)

    2. Hi thank you for your response. I’m sorry to hear you’re still battling this with having symptoms so often. I’ve had the Auras often but never with the numbing and tingling. Now it’s 17 days and still no change. I’ve been to the hospital twice with MRIs that came out negative I’m going for a second opinion to another neurologist and I’m starting occupational therapy tomorrow. Praying for a miracle.

      1. just saw this. One of the episodes I had resulted in occupational therapy. Sending prayers and hugs. If you have peripheral vision loss a low vision specialist could help provide you with temporary frénele lenses that can move the object to where you can see it. The dr I saw was Dr Avani Patel Los Alamitos CA. While I was in rehab it was the therapist who noticed the vision issue. Hang in there. You will get through this. Patient and being kind to yourself.

      2. You are so kind to offer this resource and support. So thankful to have you in our community. Warmly- Holly ( team)

    3. I’m so thankful to have stumbled upon this site, and this particular discussion. I’ve had migraines for years and it took my fibromyalgia doctor to diagnose them as migraines and not just tension headaches. I also have issues with vertigo. Well, I’ve been having episodes that seem like, instead of an aura, I’ll feel like I’m having a small stroke or seizure and within the hour the migraine pain usually hits. Yes, I’ve fallen about three times now with these. We got a German Shepherd puppy about three years ago now and have been training her to be my service dog. She has grown to the perfect size to brace me and, even better, has shown that she may be able to predict these things. I’m with my fifth or sixth neurologist now. I’m on Topamax, Aimovig, and Sumatriptan. Still, this last monsoon season here in Arizona was intense and the breakthrough migraines were horrid. But I have other issues going on that could be affecting my meds. It’s nice to know I’m not alone out here.

      1. You are definitely NOT alone and we are so glad you've found us! I'm sure the weather patterns are wreaking havoc. Barometric pressure changes can be major triggers for many migraineurs. Are you working with a neurologist or a migraine specialist? For folks who have frequent or chronic migraine, we do recommend being seen by a specialist as they are trained specifically in the complex neurological condition that is migraine. Here's a list of migraine specialists in case that may be of assistance to you: In the meantime, please know we are here for you. Reach out with any questions or need for support or assistance. That's what we're here for. Warmly- Holly ( team)

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