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Migraine from Cetain Head, Neck, or Shoulder Maneuvers

I should first state that my migraines are very strange, and may not be migraines at all but a vascular issue around my inner ears. I don't usually get headaches (maybe 25% of the time or less), but instead suffer from sudden hearing losses, tinnitus (including pulsatile),hyperacusis (sound sensitivity), and strange prickly or numbing feelings in my neck and face (like I can feel something crawling in my ear and around my head), couple with parasthesias and tremors throughout the rest of my body. Sometimes I get visual auras, but not every time. I get a lot of other symptoms, but the ear issues are the most common, and I can expect to suffer from some degree of them every day.

Well ,for the last couple of months I have had another problem appear, and that is extreme muscle tension from the shoulders up.
It is the worst in the neck, particularly at the base of the skull, and comes in waves. It is extremely difficult to move my body when I am in this state without setting off a migraine. Bending over, putting my hands above my head, shrugging my shoulders, moving my neck suddenly, fcarrying something not exceeding 5 pounds you name it. This also includes remotely any body act (sneezing, coughing, laughing) that increases blood pressure and intracranial pressure on a temporary basis. I get hit with ear problems (particularly hearing loss) and numbness or strange feelings in the back of my neck when the attacks occur.
I am (finally) on a muscle relaxant, which has greatly reduced the muscle tension throughout, but I still find certain, rather 'difficult' body movements to be triggering. It happened today simply from tensing my shoulders when getting out of a chair. Now I don't hear great out of the left ear.

In general it is extremely frustrating, because I have had to call off horticulture school and live a very limited life at home, still lucky that I am able to go on walks (but nothing strenuous and no steep hills). Losing some hearing every day because of this is also not fun. I have to walk on eggshells and monitor my movement 24/7.

Anyone else have their migraines triggered by moving their bodies (particular shoulders, head, and neck) in specific ways? I'm really trying to find a way to stop this so that I don't have to feel literally handicapped.

Thank you!

  1. Hi coyotesdawn, please know you're not alone. It may be a Cervigogenic Headache.

    Please make sure to share these details with your doctor. Have you connected with a headache specialist? - PLease let us know if we can share any more information with you, and remember we're always here to share support. -All Best, Donna ( team)

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