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Migraineous Vertigo, Fay Syndrome and chiropractor?


I'm new to the group. I have been reading many articles and posts and they are very helpful!

I have a story and questions below and hope for some feedback please.

I typically have an average of 2 migraines a year with aura and headache. I am lucky compared to what many of you go through with migraines.

In the last 5 years, I've had many complex symptoms that led me to many specialists trying to figure each symptom and it's relation to each.

For years, always tired and always felt like I was coming down with something. But 5 years ago it became more frequent and affected my balance somewhat. Always a diagnosis of 'it's a virus'.

Shortly after, neuralgia hit with stabbing ear pain, then wicked vertigo episodes.

Alot of arthritis in my back.

It got in the way of life. Retired early as my days were unpredictable.
On top of all this it strained relationships with some family. Unseen illness is hard to understand when it's not visible. It leaves us somewhat isolated.

Along the long road, I did get a diagnosis of Epstein Barr Virus for the reason I was always so tired and not feeling well!

A year ago an ENT Dr I was seeing dx me with Labrynthitis. He referred me to a Neurotologist. I saw him and was diagnosed with:
BPPV vertigo
Migrainous vertigo
Carotidynia (Fay Syndrome)
He didn't see labrynthitis.
I was shocked! It made no sense to me as I didn't expect that.

He gave me a sheet of foods and beverages that likely trigger migraines and suggested I can try some medications.

1) Has anyone had a diagnosis like this? I was taken aback. I couldn't process this so I didn't know what to ask.
I filed all that information away for the time.

Only recently I looked into it more. I found this website and started looking at peoples stories and symptoms and that not all migraines come with an aura and pain, which is what I would have. (5 days ago symptoms started for 2 days, migraine with the aura/pain day 3 and residual still 2 days after)

2) Is it likely I do get migraines without the aura and pain but that other symptoms I get like nausea, more frequent stomach upset, tired are signs I am getting a migraine?

3) Anyone try a chiropractor?
I have a family member that is always saying 'go to a chiropractor'. But I have alot of arthritis in my back and my rheumatologist said no for the arthritis so makes me nervous to do chiro.

Sorry for a long story.
I appreciate any input.

  1. Welcome to the community! Thanks for sharing a bit of your story with us. I know how difficult a migraine journey can be. To answer your question about seeing a chiropractor my husband and I have always seen a chiropractor without incident. It's just like everything else where you have to do your homework and find a chiro that will meet your needs. Ours uses a mechanical actuator to make the adjustments. It is more gentle than the manual adjustments. Many chiros will do what you feel comfortable with as long as it's within the scope of their practice. We find a definate benefit from the adjustments overall. I hope this helps you some. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. Thank you for your input. I will certainly look into a chiropractor that can meet my needs and to see if I can get some help to feel better! I appreciate your time

      1. my wife suffers with chronic migraines since childhood and as chiropractor of 23 years and a functional medicine doctor it has been a challenge for me to find an answer that works for her. I have helped so many patients with similar conditions but have had little success with my own wife. Very frustration.
        But to help you in your journey, yes find a chiropractor that has good credentials and works with structural correction. I have found it is often a combination of issues that is the root cause and everyones triggers are very different. If you need help finding a good doc feel free to message me. I am very involved in the chiro community.

      2. Thank you for your help, and suggestions that I will research. I can only imagine being a chiropractor the frustration you have trying to come up with treatment for your wife. I often sit and wonder how do my other health issues complicate each other and which one do I focus on first, or is it the other one, or today the other is not as bad as x,y,z so I'll focus on that......
        It can be overwhelming and exhausting for all involved.

        I appreciate your offer in finding a Dr and wishing relief for your wife

    2. We are so glad you found our site and hope your find it helpful. It's so frustrating when different doctors tell you different things, right? Migraines are so personal and sometimes it seems like anything is possible in terms of symptoms and how we experience them. April - Team

      1. Yes exactly!! It's what I've been going through for years now. Trying new Drs, wondering what is the next 'thought' and what Dr. would help. I'm grateful for them all. They try. But it is frustrating and tiring. Thank you for your thoughts.

    3. Thank you for your input on chiropractors and the article on Depression and expressive therapy, very interesting. Being able to find a way to express feelings and emotional/physical pain is hard, so expressive therapy is a good idea. There is always some way we manage hard as it is.

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