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Hi there, I suffer from migraines and ocular migraines. I have cut out nitrites and preservatives and I also discovered that make up and skin care have a lot of triggers. So, my questions is can anyone recommend a facial moisturizer and a body moisturizer? I would appreciate the info.

  1. Because triggers are so unique, there is no one product or products that will be safe for all of us. You really are going to have to keep a meticulous headache diary and just start trying products. Things to watch out for are perfumes -- it's often scent that is a big trigger. Some people can tolerate the smell of natural essential oils while others can't tolerate any scent at all. I am usually okay with unscented products or those using essential oils. The ones with a perfume scent always give me trouble.

    1. Yes, I am fully aware that there are many triggers, that's why I wrote that in my initial post. My question was specifically for a moisturizer. I have been doing research and I can't seem to find one without the common triggers. I was wondering if anyone uses one that works for them in hopes that I would try some that will also work for me.
      I have been journaling for about 20 years and very in tune with what scents triggers. I have been suffering for 30+ years so lots of trials, errors and journals. Thanks

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