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My eye feels cold? Migraine or what?

Hi, here's something I've noticed of late. I usually get my migraines on the left side of my head. Recently, I've had the sensation at times of my left eyeball feeling COLD, even if there's not a breeze; like the air itself causes that sensation. I tried looking it up. It isn't a cold in the eyes; could be some dry eye issues going on, although I do use lubricating drops as needed. If anyone else has experienced this, I'd like to hear.

  1. That's a new one for me. I've not heard of that symptom before. However, migraine can do all kinds of crazy things to our bodies. During a migraine the trigeminal nerve is irritated. It is a nerve bundle that connects to the eyes, ears, face, nose, jaw, etc. That could explain what you are feeling. However, anytime we experience a new symptom with our migraine attacks, we should let our doctor know. Most of the time it's not serious, but better to be safe and let the doctor make that call.

    Best of luck to you!

    1. I get thise all the time too my eye or eyes go cold but only when i close them, and i feel the whole eye like a small iceball in my head and i get the migrain after that fealing. Doc does not know what going on and besides this one ive only found 1 other source on the subject

    2. I have the same problem. I wish there was more information about it.

  2. I am so happy to have stumbled upon this thread. I have searched the interwebs for over a year looking for info on why my eyeball feels ice cold. when I'm having certain types of migraines, it feels at tho someone replaced it with an ice cube! When I search for info, I have worded it more ways than I can think of!

    I also have seizures (as well as several other conditions that cause the left side of my face to droop, and appear as tho I'm having a stroke) It makes diagnosis so harder. Yesterday my Neurologist said she thinks I might have something called Todd's Paralysis (post epileptic). While I don't completely disagree with this as a possibility, Hemiplegic Migraines seems more fitting because the much longer list of symptoms seems like a better fit.

    I wish there was more info on this Ice cube eyeball phenomenon (as I have started to call it) but sadly, it baffles everyone I tell. Im surprised that my Drs have never had a patient (other than me) report this as a symptom.

    My other symptoms include:
    Pain level & pain location varies
    Paralysis or weakness of one side of body
    Face droops on left side
    Eyes blink differently
    Phantom smells
    Sensitivity to both light and sound
    Dizzy Spells
    Abnormal movement
    Abnormal EEG
    Difficulty hearing
    Easily agitated
    Trouble finding the right words to say
    Auditory and visual hallucinations
    Blurred vision
    Loss of vision (usually only last a few seconds to a minute & only in left eye)
    Facial flushing
    Double vision
    Eyeball feels ice cold (left eye)
    Difficulty talking
    Low grade fever
    Uncontrollable movements
    Balance problems
    Increased urination
    Scalp pain
    Teeth hurt

    1. My cold eye symptoms started after a bolt hit my head and interesting bleeding. I thought it was hemaetoma from blood accumulated restricting oxygen to my eyes. But can't afford to go to doctor

    2. That sounds so tough. I'm sorry to hear about these complex symptoms. I hope you can get some relief and an evaluation soon. Warmly, Holly ( team).

  3. I have the same issue my eyeball mostly on my left feels ice cold when I have migraine and no clue why this is happening

    1. So glad I found this thread, Ive never been able to describe this sensation properly but ice cube eyeball is spot on! It feels like there is a cold breeze blowing directly into my eye! This is always the first sign I get before a migraine comes on. GP thinks its cluster headaches I am having, does anyone know much about these? Sorry to hear you guys are suffering too but its nice to know Im not going mad and not the only one with this strange symptom!

      1. I too am glad i found this thread. It only recently started happening for me, last month or two. Its this strange cold feeling in my eyes or just behind them like in my sinus cavities. The sensation is usually stronger when my nose is clear and i can breathe freely and when i look at or am in the vicinity of bright lights for too long. Its semi constant, there is always some sort of pressure in the bridge between my eyes. I have yet to find a trigger for it. I am 6 months pregnant and recently started taking antihistamines because i became slightly allergic to my cats, but those are the only things i can think of, other than the fact that it is now late Autumn and weather is now colder too. I try to massage my sinuses as i can and drink warm drinks to keep my face and body warm and it seems to help as well as taking tylenol, oh how i miss my excedrin migraine pills!

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