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Need some answers

Hi everyone, this is my first posting on a site like this but Im hoping someone can shed some light on my issues. In the past I would wake up and times Dizzy and 2-3 times would have slurred speech. The slurred speak never last long 10-15 minutes at most. The doc's say its Vertigo. but that not really my concern. Over the past several weeks / months I would start to get a headache which would get worse and worse and then I get slurred speech and dizziness to the point where I cant walk. These episodes usually last several hours. At first I thought it was a stroke called 911 etc and its wasn't a stroke they did do MRI / CT and everything was normal. Does anyone know what might be going on?

  1. Hey - Thanks so much for posting your question. Sorry to hear that you've been experiencing dizziness, slurred speech, and difficulty walking for short periods of time. While we aren't doctors, and we can't diagnose your condition, these do seem like classic signs of hemiplegic migraines. Are you currently seeking treatment from a neurologist? Many people living with hemiplegic migraines have trouble differentiating between a migraine episode and stroke.

    In fact, it's so common that we have an entire article dedicated to the topic. Here's a link:

    For more information on this type of migraine, check out this article here: You can also read about other people's experience with this condition here:

    I encourage you to check out these articles, and see if they resonate. And if they do, I'd reach out to your PCP or neurologist. They will be able to confirm or rule out this type of migraine.

    In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to ask. We are here to help! - Cody (Team Member)

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