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New Double Vision migraines that lasts hours now daily with or without pain

I am new here. I recently had my first optical migraine in February. In March I had the Covid Moderna vacinne. I am not sure if it is due to the vacinne but I now have almost daily double vision and sometimes loss of balance that they believe are migraines. It started out about once a week than, a couple times a week, now almost daily. One day I had two in one day. As a cahier this has made it very difficult. My migraines are unusual because the double vision can last an hour or more with or without pain. It is very frustrating. I also have a VNS for seizures and an MRI can't be done until the end of July because it is the only place to stop the vns to have it done.

They put me on the steroid but I could do the full period because of side affects that caused me to quit. Has anyone ever had this experience with or with out covid shots.

I am now looking at other treatments. Currently cashiering with some partial blurred or double vision. It is really difficult to see the change if I am at the beginning of the migraine. My work knows about it, but doesn't seem to be bothered by it. They give me a stool to sit down or I can take a break if it gets really becomes bad. I have called in a couple of times and once had to go home.

I a seizure that would act like this? I have epilepsy with myoclonic seizures.


  1. , I am sorry to hear you are having such a difficult time right now! I know it can be really hard to sort out what is causing the things you are struggling with, I've been through that myself. I hope that some other community members will see your post and share their own experiences with you soon. I wish I could answer some of your other questions about diagnosis and seizures, but we are not qualified to offer specific medical advice as we don't have medical training. Your question is worthy of a response, however, and you are correct that migraine can sometimes mimic the symptoms of a stroke, so it is important to continue to work through the diagnosis process with your healthcare provider. I am glad to hear that your work is accommodating and offering you some supports, like the stool and the breaks when needed. Please do keep in touch and keep us posted on your progress, I hope you are able to get some answers, and I hope they are able to help you feel better as a result. Warmly, Melanie (team member)

    1. Hi, Diana. I saw that you posted your story as a comment in another spot on the site, so I responded there before I saw this. Here's what I said:

      Hi, Diana. Welcome! I hope the site can be useful and a place of support for you. You're not alone. Have you seen anyone for your migraines since they've started? I know having the VNS makes things a bit complicated, but if you can, a board-certified headache specialist is the best route to go for migraine. Not all neurologists focus on migraine, but headache specialists are experts. The vision changes you're experiencing can be common with migraine, as can having other symptoms but no pain (called silent migraine). Are you taking anything for it? Have you found anything that helps so far? We can't give medical advice here for your safety, but we might be able to send some resources your way. Hang in there! Please keep us posted, okay? -Melissa, team

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