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New odd symptom?

Hey guys,

I just had a migraine attack and first my right leg started to hurt and then my toes were cold. Then I had a headache. My toes aren‘t cold anymore but my leg still hurts a little. Are cold toes normal?

  1. Hi there - we're so grateful you are with us and appreciate your reaching out with this question. There are definitely folks who experience cold toes as a prodrome for migraine. As migraine is a neurological condition it can impact our bodies in multiple ways including sensations of cold/circulatory challenges. There is an actual syndrome known to cause cold toes that is a known comorbid condition that can accompany migraine. Here's some information on that: And then here are a couple of posts where community members share their experiences with cold toes: And: Please look at the comment sections that follow these articles. I think you'll quickly see you are not alone in this experience! Please let us know any additional questions you have. We are here for you! Warmly- Holly team

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