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I've had migraines off and on since my 20s (I'm now 69). Two years ago my migraines became chronic. After a year and a half, I tried Ondamed therapy. The first practitioner I saw treated me generally, and although the frequency of my headaches decreased, they didn't really go away. The second practitioner I saw concentrated treatment on my head. After three treatments, my chronic migraines went away! I had no migraines for several months. Then, during a major weather event, I had another one. I have returned to treatment to "boost" the effect. Ondamed has been used to treat chronic Lyme disease and is FDA-approved for orthopedic healing.

  1. Hi byqe41,

    Thank you for sharing that with us. We always like to hear success stories.

    Biofeedback is often recommended by doctors to help with migraine prevention. We have more information on this here; and

    Best wishes for continued success,

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