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Other odd symptoms

Does anyone else get peculiar symptoms with their migraine condition? Things that happen when there isn't necessarily any headache?

This is what I get, and I'm pretty sure it's connected to migraine because of some sparkly "lights" I saw in my vision when I woke up this morning. Though the symptoms have been going on for about 2 weeks now.with no headache.

*Feel a bit emotional like I want to cry for no obvious reason.
*Dizzy-ish and light headed on and off mostly when I first get up in the morning. This passes the more hours go by.
*Sudden dizziness when I get in a bath in the morning. I'm okay until the warm water reaches my upper body. I never have a hot bath only just warm, probably only slightly above normal body temperature.
*Slight queasiness off and on for no obvious reason.
*Heart palpitations which are measurable. i.e. measurable missed beats. Otherwise my heart rate is steady and at resting 68 or so (which is supposed to be a sign of fitness, especially in someone aged 70)
*Waking up with terrible ache in neck during the night, yet lying in a relaxed position on my back and my head comfortable on a feather pillow! Plenty of nice neck support and always comfortable.
*Exhaustion and malaise feeling. Feels like just recovering from flu. Like you're over the flu but your body needs more time to get back to normal.
*Sometimes night sweats even on a cool-ish night. Better if I wear more clothing in bed (weird)
*Feel terribly cold after eating. A few hours later, too hot.
*After eating dinner, irresistible sleepiness about 30 minutes later. Feel drugged or something!
*Trembling/ shakiness/ feeling of inner tremor.
*Very hungry and craving salty foods.

N.B. The weather has been changeable and rainy for a week or two. Sometimes weather gets to me. But these symptoms are weird.

  1. I get the after dinner nap. It is well known in my family that I take a nap after a good dinner.

    1. - Thank you so much for sharing some of the symptoms you experience that accompany migraine. Everything on your list demonstrates the fact that migraine is a complex neurological condition and not just a headache. There are so many symptoms that can accompany migraine (with and without the classic pain that one thinks of when one hears "migraine"😉.
      You are not alone in these challenges at all. I think you will find this article (with a list of migraine symptoms) as well as the many comments that follow it: That said, if you are experiencing an symptoms that are new to you or are worrying you, we'd absolutely encourage you to discuss these with your doctor.
      We are so grateful you are with us- sharing your experiences. Doing so helps others feel more connected and less alone. Please stay in touch! Warmly- Holly team.

      1. Thank you for that link, Holly. The article is fascinating, and I found it personally amazing! At last, someone seems to understand the weird things that happen to me!
        I will add one thing to that list here: not being able to see my keyboard properly sometimes, and typing all the wrong letters, and continually having to edit what I type. That gets worse at times, better at other times.

        1. So glad the link resonated with you so deeply. Challenges with vision are interesting and tricky to address - though it sounds like this may be a bit of aphasia and brain fog as well - with the trouble with words and need to edit. Is aphasia an issue for you? Here's some more information on aphasia and brain fog: So glad you're with us! Warmly- Holly team.

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