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Pain behind eyes upon waking every morning

Has anyone experienced pain behind their eyes upon waking in the morning? I've been having this nearly everyday for the past week. I did start taking Nortriptyline about 2 weeks ago, so it may be the medication, but I remember having this eye pain before I was even on any meds. Starting to get concerned about this symptom. When I move my eyes to look far right or left, the pain is pretty bad. On a scale o 1-10 I'd say it's about a 6-7. Makes me think it has something do with the pressure in my head...I've been checked out with MRI's and CT's, but never had a spinal tap. Is that something I should consider?

  1. Any time there is a new or worsening symptom, it should be checked out. Migraineurs get accustomed to all kinds of strange symptoms. It is easy to blow off a new symptom as just a "migraine fluke" when it may or may not be related to migraine at all.

    We can't recommend specific testing, though. That is best determined by your own doctor.

    Please write back and let us know what you find out.


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  2. I have still yet to report this to my doctor, but plan on doing so very soon. I'm still experiencing the eye pain more frequently than I did in the past when I wasn't taking any medication. I'll keep you posted.

    1. Awest,
      You may want to ask for a referral to an neuro-opthamologist. This type of doctor is a neuro as well as an opthamologist and could have better insight to this problem if it doesn't get any better or worse. Just wanted to let you know that there are doctors out there who have this designation.

      1. Thanks Katie. I have spoken to my Doc about this and she is referring me.

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