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I'm a new here but not new to Migraines I've suffered from migraines for 34 yrs. I was on imitrex 100 mg but found that my migraines have increased in frequency where I'm getting anywhere between 6 or more migraines a month and last for 24-36 hours. So I had started research on migraine prophylaxis and decided that I would give beta blockers a try the dr prescribed me the beta blocker as I had explained to him that its no use in taking the imitrex as they don't last due to the amount of migraines I am getting a month... So I get prescribed Inderal 20 mg/Naproxen 250mg/Reglan 10mg tab(feel like I'm slowly turning into a walking pharmacy) now I'm kinda curious about Reglan as I have never hard of it before and decided to research it.

I read some pretty scary stuff about it in regards to side effects. Should I even bother taking it? Reading about the side effects that individuals have had with this medication is kinda is making me not want to take it at all. Has anyone had any positive results with it?

  1. Hi,

    I take reglan all the time and haven't had any problems with it, though I agree the side effects sound pretty terrifying. But if you're nervous you could talk to your doctor about taking a benadryl with it- my neurologist told me the benadryl can counteract the side effects, and it can also help relieve the migraine.

    1. Hi Sunhair,

      Thanks for your post! I thought you would find the following articles informative -,,, They discuss various aspects of Reglan (metoclopramide), including efficacy. I hope you find them helpful! Please continue to reach out when needed. We love hearing from you! Hope you have a lovely day.


      Meaghan ( Team)

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