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Sore throat?

I've had migraines for a couple years which have recently become a lot more frequent (several times a week, sometimes lasting up to 10 days). They are by and large silent migraines where pain is moderate but brain fog, fatigue, etc are strong.

One constant symptom no matter the migraine trigger is a dry sore throat. I consistently drink plenty of water, and I'm very confident dehydration is not an issue (at least 2L daily and supplement with electrolytes). The sore throat is always my sign that the migraine is coming and lasts throughout the duration, dissapearing when the migraine fades.

Does anyone else get this? My doctor finds it a bit perplexing and wondering if anyone has experience with this and can share their thoughts.


  1. - thank you for sharing some of your journey with us.

    Sounds like you’ve really been through so much.

    Silent migraine, or migraine with low head pain, but other significant symptoms is always interesting to me as it’s the perfect illustration of the fact, that migraine is a complex neurological condition, and not just a headache. many of the symptoms that a company are often just as complicated to manage as head pain.

    Sore throat is not something we’ve heard a ton about but we do have some resources on the topic and other examples of community members raising this symptom. I want to share those with you in hopes that they will , be informative and give you some comfort to show you that you are not alone: And:

    Definitely take a look at the comments that follow those pieces as there are some interesting ideas as to potential approach and treatment (including consultation with an ENT).

    We are here for you and so glad you are here with us. Please stay in touch and know we are thinking of you. Warmly- Holly team

    1. Do you have any other issues besides sore throat? I know some people here have problems with their sinuses that flare up before/during a migraine attack ... that's a complete guess on my part and not medical advice. But it could be something worth looking into. -Melissa, team

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