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unequal pupil dilation

Hello, fellow migraineurs, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with unequal pupil dilation during a migraine attack or even just day to day. I am not referring to individuals who always have unequal pupil size, but has any one developed this symptom outside of their natural genetic condition. I have been experiencing unequal pupil dilation. The inequality changes sides. Sometimes the right is smaller, sometimes the left. Sometimes I have some difficulty focusing on my computer screen. I have seen an opthalmologist and had a negative test for Horners syndrome. My optic nerve is not inflamed.
When seeking advice from Dr. Google, I see unequal pupils can be caused by migraine, but that is the extent of the relevant information that I can find.
Any ideas?
Thank you and I hope you have a pain free (or at least manageable) day!
PS I am considering going to the Jefferson Headache Center, but have had some recent improvement in frequency and severity with the help of my primary care doctor.

  1. Hi sismo,

    People can experience uneven pupils with migraine, but it's good to know you've been to see the eye doctor and he ruled out other conditions.

    I don't mean to sound harsh, but "Dr. Google" is not the best approach, self diagnosis can be dangerous - when in doubt always contact the doctor.

    Seeing a reduction in your migraine frequency and severity is great news. The Jefferson Headache Center is a top notch facility with wonderful, compassionate doctors.

    Good luck

    1. You are not alone in the uneven pupil dilation! I haven't had a chance to speak with my doctor about it, but my brother noticed it first, and then my coworkers. I haven't (that I can recall) had any issue's further with it affecting my eyesight, but it's entirely possible I haven't really focused on that.

      Thanks for speaking up, I was hoping it wasn't a singularity!

      Best wishes!

      1. U get unequal pupils during migraine attacks. I figure it's because the left side of my face swells at that time

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