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Very horrific migraine, and a question.

Yesterday I felt a migraine coming but it was from the right not from my usual left.

I have 4 fingers missing , 1 on the right, 3 on the left that I lost years ago, and no real problems upto now with phantom pain where my fingers are, but that all changed yesterday, when I had an unusual right hemisphere migraine, then all hell broke loose when I started to feel itching then pain and more pain from my left hand where the fingers used to be, then pain from my right hand, where my finger used to be, 10 minutes later I am screaming in agony, like my fingers have been just cut off, and almost blacking out from the pain , but I had to get up and get help because I was getting nauseous from the pain in my hands but also from this migraine it self, I'm no stranger to migraines I get at least 17 to 24 migraines a month due to a accident with my head , but this time it was on a level that even I could not even imagine.

My right side of my body was limp, as well, but most of all the pain in my hands actually had me hoping I'll die, I don't want to ever experience that ever again in my life, I'm hoping against hope that this was a 1 time event, and as crazy as it sounds I'm hoping that my usual migraines come back.
The other symptom I was having is I think I was hallucinating, maybe because I was in so much pain , I don't know, just a wild guess, but I thought I sore blood where my missing fingers are.

My question is can a migraine trigger memories , or cause you to hallucinate?

Please note I was using weed to help calm Myself, that usually works with my normal right sided migraines.

Thanks for any assist.

  1. Hi @CommunityMember6ec711,
    Migraine can, indeed, cause hallucinations. Olfactory hallucinations (phantom smells) are very common (I experience these). Here is an article that discusses them:
    Nancy gives some great information on olfactory and visual hallucinations here:
    There is another good article about visual hallucinations here:

    Have you discussed these changes with your doctor? it's important to make sure you keep him informed of any new or changing symptoms.

    I hope the articles help to answer some of your questions, and thart you get some answers and some relief. - Warmly, Donna (team member)

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write back, I read and read your reply, I could not believe someone would take migraines seriously because most doctors just tell me they are just a headache, I don't go to the doctor anymore,more so the emergency room because they really do noting, I been told I was lying by one doctor, I guess if no blood and guts it's just ur imagination that they think or you /myself or anyone is just after attention or drugs.

      Ill try to get more weed, and hope and pray it works

      Thank you for the very kind reply and links.

      1. You
        re most welcome, @CommunityMember6ec711, I'm glad it was helpful and I hope you are soon feeling better! -Warmly, Donna (team member)

    2. Hi. What a terrible attack you went through! I can only imagine how scary that was to experience. Donna gave you some great links, and I want to add my perspective as well.

      Two things stick out to me: The limpness on one side of your body reminds me of hemiplegic migraine, which in some ways can mimic a stroke. Second, while I am so sorry this happened, I'm not terribly surprised simply because migraine is a neurological disease. Any unusual brain activity can cause a whole array of responses, and it seems reasonable to me that the old neurological trauma from your accident could have been activated (or reactivated). That said, I am not a doctor or an expert! I'm merely saying that the connection between migraine and your injury is worth exploring more.

      Did you get in touch with your doctor during or after this attack? It's important to check in whenever we experience new or frightening changes in migraine attacks, especially given the possibility for phantom limb issues, etc. A good neurologist would likely be the best person to help you figure out what happened and why.

      Most importantly, how are you doing now? Any more issues since you've shared this? I sincerely hope you're feeling okay and that, as you said, this was just a fluke. Wishing you the best! -Melissa, team

      1. Thanks for your concern, no I don't visit the doctors anymore for several reasons.
        My doctor is useless and calls migraines A"headaches" showing a complete lack of understanding.

        The last time I visited a neurologist he gave me a whole 5 mins, and prescribed a medication that sent my migraines into a worse state.

        And the other reason is unfortunately migraines have taken a toll on my life, since I get them so often I lost my house, due to not being able to keep a job, and I have been homeless in a desert for 7 years now, and with no car, it is also really hard to get into a city, the desert gives me peace however..

        1. Thank you so much for sharing some of your journey and giving us a window into your life. It's really something how much migraine can take from and sideline us from what we once knew. I understand the barriers that keep you from attaining medical evaluation and care for your migraine condition. You really encountered some awful experiences on so many fronts.
          I don't want to tell you to do or try something as I trust you are clear about what is working for you and what is in your reach. Still, I did want to at least mention the patient advocate foundation. There are a lot of services they offer to help with funds and medical care: It might be worth reaching out to see what ways they could support you.
          I love your attitude and mention of the peace you attain from the desert. To me that shows that despite the circumstances that surround you due to a health condition that is no fault of your own (and one that causes great distress), you continue to look for beauty and grace in your surroundings. A beautiful window into who you are at your core.
          Please know we are with you and so blessed to have you with us. Hope you'll continue to stay in touch. Warmly- Holly team.

        2. Goodness, that is so frustrating. I can only imagine how disheartening that was. My heart goes out to you and please know that you have a community here that gets it. Sometimes, it can take a lot of pushing and breaking up with bad doctors in order to find one that can best help us ... but that, too, takes time and resources many don't have. Keep doing the best you can! -Melissa, team

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