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Has anyone experienced these vestibular migraine symptoms?

I am 32, have had vestibular migraines since I was 6. Docs thought I had simple vertigo until I was 19 and was given Meclizine, which did not help. Starting to wonder if they were wrong with this diagnosis too, because whenever I describe my migraines to family members who also have vestibular migraines, they say their migraines are quite different from my migraines. Another reason is I have been on every possible medication for vestibular migraines (up til 2017, because I no longer have health insurance), and they either barely worked or didn't work at all.

I have not been able to pinpoint any causes. My migraines are cyclical; They happen roughly every 2 1/2 months for 4-6 days at a time, and I can give a rough estimate of when they'll occur on a calendar. It is extremely difficult to function during those days. Vomiting on the first 1-2 days; all 4-6 days I'm dizzy, have the tension in my forehead, and an odd stomach squeezing feeling.

Something that's kinda weird is a little over 10 years ago, I started having dreams where I was really dizzy because I was spinning down into a hole. Then I'd wake up with a migraine, and, I was dizzy. These days, I don't have the dream where I'm falling down a well or a hole, but I can still FEEL myself getting dizzy in my dreams. Earlier this morning, I actually remember thinking while I was sleeping, "Great, now I'm going to wake up with a migraine." And I did.

Can anyone tell me if any of this is right on par with what you or a loved one experiences? I would appreciate any answers. I figured since my headache specialist wasn't able to help me, maybe someone on here could point me in the right direction.
Thanks!! 😀

  1. Hi - I have vestibular migraines, but your experience is quite different than mine. I do not have cyclic vestibular migraines, not knowing exactly when or how often a migraine episode will hit me. And, I do not dream of spinning or going down a well or a hole and wake knowing migraine will hit. Stress is a huge trigger for migraines. I wonder if this is what is happening to you. Your vivid dreams are stressful and kicking in a migraine. And it must be so so frightening knowing each 2-1/2 months it will occur. As to the cyclic component, I am quite curious to know if anyone in the community has insight into this. Unfortunately, I know I am of little help to you. But I did want to stop and drop some links that may help. The first (not pushing surgery or the thought of it) is referring to the stress that causes migraine and is an interesting read. Another link is Have you considered starting a very detailed journal - writing about patterns with food, exercise, sleep, work, events? It may give some insight to help reduce the stress or triggers causing these migraines every 2-1/2 months? Hoping some community members chime in and help out with understanding your migraine disease. We will check back in with you ... Rebecca (comm advc)

    1. I just made a post about the same thing. Spinning in my sleep!

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