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I’ve had migraines on and off for years. Today my son had a visual disturbance where one side of people’s faces was distorted when he looked at them. He said his friends eye and nose looked squished over to one side. The other eye looked normal. He then got a headache. Anyone else had this type of Visual disturbance

  1. Hi, Pegasus! Thanks for reaching out. Visual auras and other disturbances can vary, and it's hard to say for sure if what your son experienced is due to migraine or not. Your best bet is to have him checked out by a doctor and an eye specialist if you can, just to make sure that's indeed what it was and that everything else is OK. How is he doing now? Has he ever had migraines before? Please let us know what you find out -- we're here for you! -Melissa, team

    1. Thank you, he has never had a headache before but it went away With paracetamol and he was probably dehydrated thank you for your support

  2. Hello Pegasus, thank you for reaching out! I hear how frightening it feels not knowing what is occurring with your son. While we cannot provide medical advice or diagnostics over the internet (for safety reasons!), visual changes and distortions can certainly happen with migraine. The partial distortion he was experiencing made me wonder if Alice-in-Wonderland Syndrome might resonate. This article provides one of our contributor's experience and description of the phenomenon: If you haven't consulted with your son's doctor as yet, I would encourage you to do so. Anytime a new medical concern arises, even if there is family history that makes a certain diagnosis (like migraine) more likely, it is important that he be evaluated by his doctor to eliminate any other possible cause for the symptoms. Please keep us posted on how he is feeling and what you learn. We are here to listen anytime you need support. Wishing you a gentle day. ~Allyson ( team)

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