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When a Migraine Won't End

What do you do for a headache that won't end? I feel like I've tried everything. Taken Nurtec every day. Got some sort of numbing injection from my neurologist. Icing every chance I get. Resting when I can. At least some of the side effects have subsided, though I'm still twitching some. But the headache just does not want to end. Day 6 now. And I still feel tired and a bit out of it.

  1. I should add that it has been raining here on and off for the past few days. So I'm wondering if maybe the weather is helping this headache stick around.

    1. My neurologist is advizing going to the ER. But that would cost at least $800, and I don't have that. Going to try urgent care at lunch.

    2. OK! All the luck! Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team Member

  2. Thanks. Unfortunately, I have bad reactions to steroids and can't do those. Thanks for those links, I will see if anything there is useful.

    1. That's what I ended up getting at urgent care. I hope it helps.

    2. Thanks for letting us know. We're keeping you in our thoughts with hopes that you'll be on the mend soon. Much love- Holly ( team).

  3. - how are you today? Has your migraine eased any after going to Urgent Care? I truly hope you've gotten relief and are on the downside of this episode. Thinking of you. Rebecca (team member)

    1. So very glad to hear that multi-day attack has been snuffed out. Understood that triggers continue to lurk as they always do. We join you in hoping that you have some respite from another attack so that you can catch your breath and rebuild your reserves. Sending you love. Warmly - Holly - team

    2. Understandable. I see you recvd a toradol injection. That is what they gave me when I went to urgent care for my vestibular migraine episode. I couldn't seem to shake it and get on the other side. After some help, my migraine slowly decreased. The injection did make me tired. Plus, it was such an exhausting experience I think I slept 4 days straight afterward. I hope your headache continues to lessen and get ahead of the tension so as to not to begin another episode. Sending healing your way. Rebecca (team member)

  4. Hi there, so sorry you're having such a rough time. I suffer with Chronic Severe migraines since I was 17 and am now 49. You have to be careful taking the same painkillers daily or you'll end up with a "daily overuse headache" from taking too much of one analgesic over a long period of time. I have also done that unknowingly, so be careful of the instructions. I take preventative meds to stop the migraines but let's face it all it does is my hair falls out in clumps lol. The weather is a factor for me and there's nothing we can do about that is there! And I stay away from red wine and as best I can processed food. But the rest is out of my hands🙏.
    I am on Rizatriptan/Maxalt and have taken that from day one...I find it works for about 6 months then not. So I switch between 2 and the other is Sumatriptan injections. So when one becomes ineffective I take the other. But you MUST LEAVE AT LEAST 24HRS between them before switching. I use the injection for my worst ones. The Maxalt works well for all the others.
    I have had a series of botox to my head and it did start to help but the nurse went on long term sick so I never had the full course, which was a real shame. If you don't find the ice effective try heat it's all I can stand. I lay my head on a hot water bottle and drift off to sleep.
    Oh and if it helps, I take a sleeping tablet when I have a bad migraine so I get a good rest. Sometimes it helps. You could be dehydrated Gravol is over the counter if you are in USA. Keep sipping water to stop dehydration but if you're vomiting then yes, go to Urgent Care for fluids ! All the best, praying for speedy recovery. Know how you feel darling.❤️
    Love and best wishes Sam xx

    1. Sam- aren't you kind to write in to share some of your well-earned wisdom from three decades managing chronic migraine. We are lucky to have you here with us.
      I wanted to supplement some of your post with resources on what you shared for those who may want to learn more. There is indeed something called Medication Overuse Headache that can occur when certain medications are used too frequently. It's important to check in with your doctor about your medications and how to avoid this occurrence. Here's more information on this challenge:
      I like that you pointed out how some triggers are avoidable and others (weather, hormones, stress) are often not. As we become more aware of our specific triggers, it can be empowering to learn how to avoid those we can. We do have an interesting piece on avoiding weather-related migraines that may interest you:
      Sorry to hear you weren't able to continue with Botox- perhaps that's something you can seek out in the future. That has been a key part of my treatment regimen. Is there no one else who offers it in your area?
      I couldn't resist sending you this link about which team people fall on when it comes to using heat or ice for migraine management. It's amazing how differently people feel about this- but one thing is for sure- applying heat or cold can sometimes be as useful as medication:
      And finally- you raise such an important point re: hydration- nausea and vomiting which often accompany migraine - can lead to dehydration and that is a huge migraine trigger. It can lead to a horrible cycle:
      Thanks again for writing such a comprehensive post touching on so many important points relating to migraine management. We are grateful you took the time to share your lessons learned! Keep your wisdom coming! Warmly - Holly - team

    2. These are some great tips. So sorry you've had to learn them from experience. How are you doing lately? Seems like you tackle some profound migraines. Are you managed well? Want to thank you for sharing your experience here in the community and offering up what works for you. Although you go through some heavy pain, it seems you've found ways to help reduce, manage, and apply techniques with some very good approaches. I, too, hope you are able to begin Botox again if that is in your plan of treatment. It helps many. But as you know we are all different, and what works for one may not help another. Thanks for sharing your caring methods. Wishing you well. Regards, Rebecca (team member)

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