Community Featured Stories

Community Featured Stories

Nearly every day on, members take the time to share their very personal migraine story and journey with us. Whether it be to share advice, tips, looking for support or simply as an outlet to vent about their struggles with migraine, we are always amazed and so grateful for your willingness to do so.

By sharing these stories, our community members (YOU!) are bringing an understanding and validation to so many who are also facing the same battles with migraine. Because of this, we'd like to take the time to say thank you!

We are so thankful for these important stories and for your continued support within our community! Be sure to keep these stories coming! We love hearing from you!

Here are just a few of our more recent community favorites that we would like to share:


By Aks2868—May 13, 2017
Since I last wrote, I have been reading so many insightful essays and stories on It has been helpful and validating; but, at the same time, sometimes, when I read, I feel like a wound that has just barely been scabbed over has just been ripped off. Is this a good thing, I wonder?...READ MORE

Learning from Me, Take Care of You

By Auemerald—May 24, 2017
Where to start on a personal story on migraines the beginning makes sense, but then again where am I today? I’ve avoided accepting migraines as debilitating. I’ve tried ignoring them, I know like you can. I don’t mean actually ignoring the migraine, I’ve tried ignoring the condition/illness. I guess I’ve thought if the elephant isn’t acknowledged it doesn’t exist....READ MORE

A Healing Community of Two

By P Heinicke—May 20, 2017
Pain connects us, suffering separates. A freakin’ hard lesson, this. As a kid I suffered—that is, I was alone with the pain. I dealt with it by focusing on it, targeting its center in a kind of home-made meditation. By putting all my attention on it, I could for a moment experience it as a mere physical sensation, like any other....READ MORE

We’ll always be migrainuers.

By faeriefate—May 25, 2017
So, I finally got myself on a good abortive medications. No side effects that affect my productivity. No rebound headaches. It actually works the way I want it too, and it’s not addictive. Best news is because of all of this, I can take it when the migraine is coming on rather than wait until it’s an 8 or 10, which allows me to only take 1 instead of 3-5 in a few hours.....READ MORE

Help let others they are NOT alone in this battle by telling us a piece of your migraine journey.

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