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What Migraine Means to Me

Research papers have never been my strong suit. Writing them always felt like an emotionless drag and finding things to say about scientific theory or timberwolves just never really inspired me. After finding and honing one of my callings, acting, it brought forth a set of new essay regiments. Finally an opportunity to express myself and how I view the world!

Reflecting on my personal experiences

I found myself so eager to explore my own experience and get thoroughly critiqued. Being able to flush out my mind can be so peaceful and transparent, that every time I had to write a reflective paper on my own personal experience, I thrived. Is this considered narcissistic? Is this deep or profound?

Migraine is a struggle with anxiety

You be the judge, I may be biased. To me, migraine is a struggle in many ways. It’s a struggle with anxiety.

Migraine has struck me in some convenient and inconvenient times. I’ve had aura during a fight call for my college’s theatrical production of Hamlet. I was mid sword fight when my vision went completely out of wack. I’ve had aura in class; looking over my hands to find where I was missing visual information. Other times, however, I had migraine and hemiplegic migraine in bed, safe and sound.

The many sensitivities that come with migraine

My parents are showing their house to potential buyers and so it reeks of candles and air freshener. Like, today my mom made eggs with the LOUDEST VINEGAR. Triggers are everywhere! Sometimes I can’t go two feet without wishing I had nose flaps like camels. Dude… If I could have a permanent hump dedicated to water or fruit punch ON TOP of having flaps that block out sand from my holes. I would be set.

The fear of a migraine attack

The fear of migraine often becomes greater than the migraine itself. That thing we all do, torturing ourselves and punishing ourselves with thoughts alone. It’s like we bring upon the situation in simulation alone, instead of enjoying life WITHOUT migraine. It’s painfully ironic.

Migraine means community

Migraine has, on a more positive note, meant community. For the longest time, the only person I knew with migraine was my high school band teacher. I remember her sharing her own, however brief, mentions of such a thing and I remember feeling a small amount of kinship. Like yes, this person understands. It only stinks that it took me nearly

Sharing experiences with migraine

Four years! It took me four years to get off my keister and find you guys! A place filled with people who get my struggle. Who get my anxieties and understand where I’m coming from. I profusely thank you for being there, as much as I am thankful to be able to share my story. Learning about migraine has become such an important part in my journey as a member of this site, as well as a migraineur myself. Knowing what I have and what other people go through really helps put me in perspective. It humbles me in what I have but makes me eager to share my experiences with those who will listen.

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