Basilar-type migraines - Aura without pain

I'm 19 years old and I started having basilar-type migraines since last year (which was when I went to university). I just experience aura without pain.

I the second semestre of my first college year I started feeling ocasionally dizzy but I thought it wasn´t anything important.

Then, the end of the semestre came, along with exams time. I got so dizzy, that eventually I couldn't read anymore (do you imagine that happening during exams epoch? I failed an exam because my migraine wouldn't let me study...). I panicked and went straight to the doctor. He diagnosed me with basilar-type migraines and said that it would keep coming back and that there was no cure.

I started taking Sermion30 everyday, morning and night, as the doctor had told me. The attack only ended after two more weeks (so, in total, it lasted for about a month). That was the worst migraine attack I've had, but this year I'm having migraines that last for two weeks up to a month, weaker than the first one, but the period between them is only a week or less.

The mid-term tests at college began last week and I've been going through a new migraine for the last two weeks. This one is stronger than usual and it is really affecting me.

My symptoms are dizziness, very often I am unable to focus my eyes (hence, unable to read), I feel weakness in my whole body, especially limbs and head, I can't concentrate, I feel fatigue and huge irritability. Sometimes my hands shake a little. In the first attack and in this one I experienced photosensitivity (however, now it is so much worse that I have to wear sunglasses indoors as well).

I identified light, stress and fatigue as possible triggers.

I am getting worried because, as far as I could find out, no one I know as this type of migraine and on this site I couldn't find anyone in the same situation either.

If someone shares this type of migraine attack, please say something...

I really need help to do something about this!

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