Migraine Changes

Hello everyone, I seem to develop rather interesting changes in my migraines. Pain is not so bad lately - let's say from 0-10 I would score 1-2 even compared to 9-10 a few years ago.


I always thought my urge to start cleaning and organizing when the pain got easier had something to do with the painkillers I have been using. Yesterday was an eye-opener.

How my day started

I woke up at 5 am. Went to my usual morning walk-jog (usually doing that around 7 a.m.). Had breakfast. Then I made a list of items I "needed" from the supermarket and ended up with a huge amount of stuff - household items and other groceries (6 tubes of toothpaste, 6 new toothbrushes; washing and dishwashing tablets for about 1.5 years.. etc) - the bill was around 500€... I also broke a bottle of wine at the store... Came home.

How my day ended

In the evening I kind of got things a bit more clear in my head - had a brain fog feeling all day long. My husband arrived home from work and realized I had been going crazy. Then late in the evening, I got a mild headache too.

Other symptoms included tiredness, no appetite, and sensitivity to light, and noise. My body was painful all over. So.

The bottom line

I have had these urges to clean, massively organize tidy drawers and cupboards, buying stuff to be well backed up (food, toilet paper, socks, etc). But yesterday ended up expensive. In the shadow of a migraine, I might have some level of OCD. It felt like being a robot.

It could also be that OCD might have been one of the reasons to tire me out through years of nonsense cleaning and organizing and giving me the migraines - at least to some extent.

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