Chronic Migraines Secondary to Chronic Neck Injuries

Hello All. My Name here is Anne. I was originally diagnosed with migraine following Lumbar Puncture 1989. Past history hangman fracture of the pedicle of my C2 Miracle to be alive when I was 24, sadly not treated in Neuro Rehabilitation Unit as this was required. Had 2 guys drive into the back of me since I was 24. I was told my original injury was so severe I would require 10 years accident-free, sadly driver who had been drinking and another time hit and run from behind along with a 3rd milder bump from car behind caused huge issues, was eventually diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome 2006.

Life with Complex Pain Syndrome

I had it since 1990. But as I was a nurse I kept going. Had a very hopeless general practitioner (Gp), eventually, I saw a local young Gp who was shocked at my symptoms that had been ignored for all those years so:

  1. 1) If You feel you are being brushed off

See Another Gp and Specialist way sooner. Eventually, I got proper diagnoses including Fibromyalgia in 2014 top-end medium sciatica disc bulges x 7 prolapse x 1 annular tear L5 S1, migraines 3 times weekly 8-9/10 pain. Eventually, I was sent to a world expert on InterX which was the first natural treatment that made a huge difference. So much so that as I was a qualified nurse I decided to train in same as I knew it released your natural morphine and over 1000 neurotransmitters mostly anti-inflammatories.
That specialist told me I was a mess but I was determined. After 5 and a half weeks of having fully trained to treat myself and others with InterX. My Migraines which were horrendous were fully gone! It was amazing. Not alone that sciatica gone, fibromyalgia improved and MRI spine osteoarthritis all gone. Bulges and prolapse gone. I had my life back, yes I still had Fibromyalgia but was migraine free so It was FANTASTIC.

Treating others as a nurse

I decided to treat people as I didn't want clients to have to go through what I had experienced which was horrendous.
I was at a place where the sheets in the bed caused nerve pain in my toes, crazy insomnia and naturally many, many years later depression which again I cannot tolerate any pharma.

Living through another reinjury

2 years later 2016 I could not believe it I accidentally pushed an 18 stone (252 lb) guy on my treatment trolley! Oh dear God,
I re-injured my neck thorax and lumbar spine but especially neck shoulders and thorax. Migraines returned with a vengeance, photophobia, phonophobia screens lights all crazy triggers. My life was stolen from me again, but thankfully my faith had started to grow which is vital. Since migraines came back level 8-10/10 I had 2 neurologists opinions tried all preventatives.

New treatment experiences

Had horrendous experience with Topomax. Insomnia was severe and had to see 3 specialists due to severe adverse events. Then came new treatments, first, one latex cover have a latex allergy so not possible.
Tried Ajovy 2nd one in-country as no treatment had worked other than Natural InterX. Sadly my experience with Ajovy was horrendous. I had 2 pain-free days prior to starting, after 1st week I started thinking this may help but 2nd-week migraines twice daily. Had 3 injections and its being a nightmare as its a Monoclonal Antibody it will not allow InterX work like before.

Photophobia and migraine

My Photophobia is one of the most severe cases they have ever seen. Drug due out of my system on Feb 20th however with Relpax triptan, I am having migraines every day in last month. 1 Migraine free day New Year's Eve. Prior to monoclonal antibody injections, I had 3 per week. I will definitely not be going the Botox route.

I understand it works for some but if you have a Fibromyalgia diagnosis medication and your brain do not like one another hence the herbal antidepressant. Presently I cannot remember the last time I had a full night's sleep, despite sleeping tablet no stimulants.

No caffeine and avoiding migraine trigger foods Tried to go to physiotherapy on Friday for stretches but got migraine immediately because of led lights despite glasses and big hat so was very saddened to be told can gently stretch your neck from side to side and do stretch for thorax twice daily x 4 days then 2 more very gentle stretches to add in after that and 2 more on day 8 do twice daily.

How my life is changing

My life has to change, I pray for more patience and am really wondering about Relpax 40mgs as I know it causes pain in other areas in the body and doesn't let my InterX machine work like ut used to. Sumatriptan no better though wrecked my bowel, and our bowel health is our 2nd brain.

Oh I can tolerate 10mgs Amytryptilline only so take that but again that interferes with my natural InterX machine.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated. I hope one day to be back treating people for pain and giving them their lives back like I had from Nov 2014 to end of May 2016

Thanks for reading this, I came off FB as the screen was triggering migraines. I am curious if the professor in the UK who discovered these Monoclonal Antibodies. I wonder about his natural treatment. Has anyone tried it? I am too tired to think of its name. He is based at Kings College, London, it treats the vagus nerve and brain.

I look forward to comments, especially on the last natural treatment. As I am hours past my 6 pm curfew my sleep will be affected but hey hopefully I thought you something and asking a few Questions is always wise.

Please reply it may take me time to respond but I will.
I am on Vitamin A as my level was low also Hylo Forte eye drops and Vit A Pos ointment for dry eyes 3 times daily, vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 sometimes but levels are important to avoid shingles which I got. InterX stopped it spreading immediately. Anti Viral med is good too. All the best to you all... Anne from Ireland

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