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Worse Than You

I know people die. I know many are about to die.

I know people lose body parts.

I know too many eat junk and die of the impurities accumulated in their bodies.

All of the above are tragedies. My well-wishers say there are people worse off than me. Of course, there are. But this doesn’t discount my condition. Hence, I don’t agree with my well-wishers. I don’t know how you compare me with someone having some other condition.

Our conditions should not be compared

Let’s take a hypothetical example. If you ask me to exchange my illness with a man with no limbs, I would say "No". If you ask the man with no limbs to exchange his condition with mine, he may say "Yes" if he doesn’t understand the gravity of my illness. But I am sure he will say "No" if he gets to know what kind of limitations he will have. Then, how is he worse than me?

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First of all, we have different conditions which can’t be compared. Next, each condition is something that no one will be okay with given a chance to trade.

Dear well-wisher, you say people die and I am alive. So, I am better off. I say the dead have no symptoms. I do.

Dear well-wisher, you say people have terminal illnesses and are about to die. Because I am not dying, my condition is not a big deal. Is it so? You expect me to do a lot of things. But my limitations don’t allow me to. Isn’t this a serious obstacle in my path?

Judgment about my migraine

Dear well-wisher, you say people have big diseases. Here, you usually point out to illnesses arising from a lifestyle where a lot of junk intake happens. If people eat a ton of junk and fall terribly sick, it’s their decision to an extent. Well, I have a sun-cooked diet (fruits, nuts and salad) for more than 70% of the day and utilise Shivambu like an obsessed person. Even after avoiding a lot of triggers, I get flare-ups and most of the symptoms still bother me. Doesn’t this make my condition worse than people who cause their conditions to an extent?

Dear well-wisher, you ask me to think about poor people. I bet they don’t want a taste of my condition as well. No one wants two dozen symptoms to impair them all the time.

No more comparing my migraine symptoms to other conditions

Dear well-wisher, I have a small suggestion: stop comparing cows with hens. You can’t call a hen a lazy animal for not providing as much value as a cow does. You can’t compare egg with milk, chicken with beef, bird with mammal.
Please leave other animals. Stop comparing them. They didn’t ask for it neither did I.

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