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I knew better

Yesterday was a day of 90% negative stress (civic business red tape, computer problems, pharmacy troubles, missed meals, bright sun, fumes, heat and cold, and way too much driving) with 10% positive encounters (a helpful psychologist, a sympathetic technician, snuggly pets, and a loving family).

I was overwhelmed and exhausted by evening, yet I made it through without getting a migraine. Migraine Buddy app even chimed to let me know I'd been migraine-free for 7 days! I woke up feeling good. Decided to tackle some fall yard clean up.


Know your triggers

Cue migraine. I know exercise can be a migraine trigger for me. I knew I was lucky to have avoided a migraine yesterday. I should have just spent the day relaxing.


I love gardening. By the time the first tingle of a headache arrived, I also knew it was too late. I never get "just headaches." So, now it's been 4 hours of excruciating pain, nausea, disorientation, weakness, vertigo, sensory sensitivities, etc.

And I'm using my phone to write this story instead of just blacking out my world till the migraine passes.


Because I'm sick of taking meds that knock me out and leave me with medication hangover or cause serotonin syndrome. I'm low on meds anyway because my new doctor failed to continue my established medication regimen. Today's migraine is a 7. I need to save those meds for the level 9 migraines.

Why am I sharing?

This community brings me comfort. Reading other's stories and articles helps alleviate the crippling hopelessness that rides the tailcoat of Migraine.

And, maybe, just maybe, in leaving this record I'll remember to watch my triggers better. Drat, it gets dull avoiding nearly everything in order to avoid migraines, but it is always a regret when I push myself or overdo it. It's just so ridiculously easy to trigger a migraine.

And, maybe maybe maybe, someone else will save themself from a migraine in reading and remembering: "Know your triggers. Respect your body. Take it easy. Always."

Love to you all. Thanks for reading.

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