Other less talked about symptoms of migraines

So, I'm liking this story thing. Here's another.

We know the standard symptoms. Visual aura. Nausea and Vomiting. Most importantly, the pain. I've already went into why the pain is so bad. Most people understand the normal symptoms. I'm here to talk about the other stuff. The lesser known facts about migraines.

First of all I read a story about olfactory aura as well as an aura with their sense of taste? That got me thinking. I have weird things with my migraines that people don't talk about.

First of all, core body temperature. I'm not sure if others experience this, but my internal thermostat goes crazy when I have a migraine. I have some instances with hot and cold flashes alternating every minute or so. I've had instances where I'm hot and can't stop sweating. I've had instances where I'm in a cold sweat. Simply speaking, I simply struggle with being comfortable with a migraine. My internal temperatures go haywire. One time it was so bad for two days I left my window open during a hard freeze because my body wouldn't cool down. Yes, I've taken my temperature, and I assure you it has never been a fever. I just feel that hot.

Second of all, I feel hyper aware, yet unaware at all. Easily distracted and unable to focus. An instance of this is I am sitting, trying to pay attention in class. The door is open because the room has bad circulation, but the very sound of people walking in the halls made it impossible to concentrate. But the slightest movement in my field of vision would make me jump. My brain and focus won't go anywhere, but I notice every change to the usual. Which makes it very hard when I'm sensitive to lights and sounds.

Third, depression. Yeah, it's self explanatory, but let me explain why this is weird. It's a catch-22. I read somewhere that for a lot of us, crying is a trigger. Weird, right? It's a trigger for me. Migraines (especially chronic ones) can cause depression. Migraine medicines can cause depression. Plus, crying can cause sinus pressure and possibly a sinus headache, which makes the migraine worse, if that's even possible. It's a very fucked up scenario. You can't cry because it'll cause a migraine. But not being able to cry can cause a migraine because of the tension that builds up. Crying is supposed to unleash emotions that help relieve pain, but the tension could trigger a migraine. But the tension of not crying could cause a migraine. So you'll have a migraine either way. And the migraine will make you want to cry. But that'll make your migraine worse. And it's just a never ending loop.

Fourth, is the insomnia. So, insomnia isn't directly linked to migraines unless it's because you're in so much pain that you can't sleep. At least, that's what I've found in a normal non-migraine caused insomniac state one night. So lack of sleep can cause migraines, and migraines can cause lack of sleep. IT's another vicious cycle that you can't seem to escape (without a visit to your local ER for some stronger meds).

I don't really know what the point of me pointing this out is, but I do have a reason for doing it. Migraines do really weird things to your body. I've heard people with a bad headache say that they have a migraine. I've heard people say a migraine is just a bad headache. The truth is, migraines are messed up. It does some messed up stuff to your body. When you really get into it, migraines aren't just headaches. Even if the headaches aren't at a 10, you're guaranteed to be messed up in one way or another because of one.

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