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Jaw, lip and tongue numbness

  • By Simone


    When I was a kid I had a weird dream during a migraine that had come on while I slept. I dreamt about vomiting into a basin, the vomiting trigger being some object that was in the basin in the dream. I can’t remember the object but the the feelings I felt during that dream often comes during a migraine even to this day (I’m 33).

    I have a migraine now so thought I’d write everything down. I have numbness in my jaw and tongue, less numbness on the sides, numb feeling concentrated in the middle of my jaw/chin area and tongue. Right hand just started going number an hour and a half after aura started. The numbness and aura makes me more nauseous than the pain.

    First hour I get the auro where my whole vision is affect, the rest of the day I will have what I call the ghost of an aura. I’m not sure how to explain it, but it’s not an aura, but my vision doesn’t seem 100% and I am really light sensitive all day.

    Most times, thankfully the pain is manageable and I often am okay with ibuprofen. Pain is all in my forehead today, and left ear feels odd. Left eye keeps getting a pulsing pain behind my eye.

    I get sometimes intense hunger just before or during a migraine, after the aura, this only recent years as previously I couldn’t eat food/ look at computers/ light etc during a migraine. Not really hungry during this migraine right now.

    My memory, especially forgetting words/sayings has gotten worse over the past few years or so. I will think of one word but say another. I often have to ask people to help me with some words. I sometimes can’t complete sentences because I’ve forgotten too many words and just sound really stupid. This happens whether or not I have a migraine, but is worse during a migraine. I write better than I speak.

    Anyone else get this?

    Thanks for any info!

  • By Simone

    Forgot to add, I feel really cold during a migraine.

  • By Nancy Harris Bonk Moderator

    Hi Simone,

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Good idea writing down exactly how you are feeling during a migraine attack.

    You’re not alone – many of us experience similar symptoms with some migraine attacks. I typically don’t have visual aura, but do get sensory aura from time to time. I guess I’m used to the numbness and tingling on the right side of my face with some of my attacks.

    I hope this passes quickly,