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Prodrome: Migraine Warning Signs

As soon as I woke up yesterday morning, I was pretty sure a migraine was coming on. I couldn't put a finger on the exact symptoms, but I felt "off" and sluggish. As a chronic migraineur, I can't stay in bed whenever I feel "off" - I'd rarely be vertical if that were the case. Within five minutes of hauling myself out of bed, however, tears began streaming down my face, a sure sign a migraine is on the way. Although it doesn't happen every time I have a migraine, I'm grateful when this prodrome symptom warns me so I can take a triptan and try to abort the migraine before it happens.

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What's my most reliable warning sign?

Tearing is the most reliable warning sign for me. Sometimes it is accompanied by yawning, but not always. Frequent sighing is often a predictor, though I also sigh a lot when I'm physically tired, and it can be hard to tell which is which.

What are other prodrome symptoms?

Other prodrome symptoms, according to the Migraine Association of Ireland, can include:

These aren't even all the possible vast and varied symptoms. Many people can't pinpoint anything specific but just say they feel "off" or "out of sorts."

What reliable symptoms signal a migraine is coming on for you?

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