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Almost daily migraines that start at the same time each day

I saw a brief reference to a type of migraine that starts at the same time each day but neglected to get the name of this kind of migraine. My migraine triggers can't explain this phenomena, but until I saw this brief mention in the news it has been a question I have asked of every doctor I have seen regarding migraines since 1992, when my migraines started.

  1. Hi @amloeswick,
    Cluster headaches are also called alarm clock headaches and occur at the same time everyday. You can read more here: I hope that helps!

    Warmly, Donna (team member)

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      Thank you for sharing this with us. There is one type of headache disorder called hypnic headache. One is typically awoken from sleep with head pain, at the same time each night. Does these occur at night while you are sleeping? May I ask what time of day this head pain starts.

      I hope this helps! Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

      1. hi--Very occasionally I wake early in the morning with a really, really bad headache, but I can't recall being awoken in the middle of the night. I am an insomniac and take a sleeping pill so perhaps I am in pain but sleep through it. When I do wake in the morning with a migraine it's always at a very high pain level, so perhaps I sleep through the beginning and middle pain levels.
        When I first noticed pain coming on at the same time every day, it would start at 3pm, and that was consistent for a couple of years. I've also had periods of time when they started at 5pm, 6pm, and right now they start 10pm-midnight. I can have headaches at other times of the day.
        The other odd thing I've noticed: whenever I get sick, like with a flu or GI or Lyme flare-ups, my headaches stop for the period of time I'm sick. They restart after I've recovered. I think that's odd, but maybe other people have this?

        1. It's interesting that you mention that your migraines go away when you're sick. Recently, we saw some people share that they had gotten COVID and their migraines stopped during the time they were ill. Similarly, last week we had someone mention they stopped having migraines when they were being treated for cancer. It's the strangest thing! But it seems you're not alone.

          Re: insomnia, I just want to let you know that our sister site deals with all kinds of sleep disorders, including insomnia. You may enjoy being a part of the community over there or reading some of the articles. You can find them at Hope that helps! -Melissa, team

        2. I have taken Ambien for a very long time, and it helps me go to sleep, and stay asleep, without any "hangover." I consider the interruption of my migraines very interesting, but none of the doctors I have seen over the past 30+ years seem interested...

      2. Thank you---I'll check it out!

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