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different migraine medicine choice

hello. My wife was just given an RX for Ubrelvy to treat her migraines. But I am doing my due diligence for her and I see that Nurtec ODT not only Treats migraines but ALSO prevents them So wouldn't Nurtec ODT be the better choice??

  1. that is a great question. We are not qualified to provide medical advice, but this is certainly something to discuss with your wife's doctor. Both Ubrelvy and Nurtec ODT are CGRP inhibitors. My husband was using Ubrelvy for a bit, but it was ineffective. His doctor switched him to Nurtec as an abortive, which works for him. He also uses Emgality each month as a preventative. Since all our bodies react to drugs differently, one drug may work well for one person and not for another. Likewise, two drugs in the same class may not work the same for us. Hundreds of drugs and therapies are used to help manage migraine disease and its symptoms. Many of us use combination therapies to get the most out of our management efforts. It is unfortunate, but migraine can be very difficult to manage. It can change over time, and treatments that were effective may become ineffective over time. I hope your wife doesn't suffer from attacks frequently. It is a good idea to have her track her attacks either in a journal or on a phone app like Migraine Buddy. The tracking data can be shared with your doctor to help create a management plan. It is also a good idea to seek out a headache/migraine specialist who works with headache disorders daily. Here is a link to help you find one in your area.
    It is important to remember that migraine is a complex neurological disease that affects each person differently. I commend you for caring for your wife by researching what may be most helpful for her. We need love, support, and understanding along our migraine journey! Please let us know how you and your wife are doing moving forward. Warmly, Cheryl team

    1. doesn't anyone have a reply for me? It would be very helpful.

      1. Hi there- You are so kind to be proactively gathering the best information possible on her behalf. I hope you saw Cheryl's reply above. Basically - this question is best asked of the doctor who chose to prescribe Ubrevly first. Perhaps there was some logic to that choice. It's hard for us to chime in here as we are not medical professionals and are not aware of the other preventative or rescue medications your wife may be taking. All things equal, if she's not taking any other medications, you are right that Nurtec is a CGRP that serves as both a preventative and rescue medication. There can be side effects to both medications that are also worth studying and what works for some does not work for others: - please look at the comments section following that video. Additionally, we've had reports of patients taking both of these treatments in concert: And: Take a look at these links and see what you think as you gather more information. Unfortunately, there are no cut-and-dried or easy answers here as everyone is different in the way they respond to these treatments. This is ultimately why it's best to discuss your questions and concerns with your doctor to ensure the best choice is being made for your wife in particular. She may have to do a trial and error period to see what works best for her. We are here for both of you as she navigates life with migraine including trying to find a treatment that helps to manage this condition. Thinking of you- Warmly- Holly team.

    2. you both have been very kind- thank you very much.

      1. Of course- please know we are here for you and your wife as you continue along in this migraine journey. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or for support. This condition can be confusing and isolating - it can be helpful to remember that you're not alone as you move forward. We are grateful you are here with us and look forward to the opportunity to learn from you. Warmly- Holly team.

    3. Hi -- I wanted to check in and see if anything has changed since you reached out to us last week. Did your wife decide on Ubrelvy or Nurtec, or did she have a chance to talk to the doctor? I hope you'll keep us posted. We're here if you need us! -Melissa, team

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