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Any natural tips for dealing with migraines, especially when you are at work?

What are some tips/tricks (non-medicine) you have for dealing with migraine pain and or preventing one when you feel it coming on?

Managing migraine at work

What do you do to deal with it when you are at work? Are you able to use the same tricks? At home, I use a lot of ice packs and heating pads. At work, I struggle a lot to find solutions that help but also don't draw a lot of attention to myself.

  1. Hi @ srz580,

    Working with migraine disease can be challenging. There are a number of devices on the market that help to stop and prevent attacks. Here is general information on these devices and then more specific;

    eNeura sTMS;

    I have both Cefaly (this can be used for both prevention and to stop an attack and there is a money back guarantee) and Nerivio. I use Cefaly each night to help prevent attacks, and Nerivio as an acute treatment to stop a migraine attacks.

    I'll also share our complementary therapy section with you here;

    Love to know what you think!
    Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Advocate/Moderator

    1. If they are interfering with your ability to do your work over a longer period, I'd suggest talking to your doctor, HR department, and Supervisor about enrolling in the FMLA Family Medical Leave) program. It can outline that you need a quiet dark place until medications work, or you may miss days unexpectedly... talk it out with your doctor. With FMLA you don't get paid for time missed, and can't use it until all your other time (vacation/sick) is used up, but it does protect you from a boss that thinks your malingering.
      Hope you are seeing a neurologist or headache specialist? They can help, many are open to complementary and alternative therapies -- I just got a second Physical Therapy referral, wish they would cover yoga. Oh well..

      1. , don't we wish they would cover yoga? That would be amazing. Thanks for taking the time to offer your thoughts here- you offer some really great suggestions that can really help at work! ~Melanie (team member)

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