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Does anyone have pulsatile tinnitus as well as migraine ?

  1. Interesting question, - I have not experienced this but was able to find a couple of mentions from our community on the topic that may be of help: and: Is this something you are experiencing? Warmly- Holly team

    1. Yes I have that as well as migraines just wondering if there's a connection

      1. Great question! Yes, I believe there is a connection between the two. We've heard from many who experience both and may increase during a migraine attack. We have more information on tinnitus and migraine here;
        Please let us know what you think and I'm sending pain free wishes your way, Nancy Harris Bonk, Patient Leader/Moderator Team

      2. Here is another great resource. Hoping it helps. I fall into this group as I too have tinnitus; it's terribly bothersome. Hoping to find some help to ease the symptoms. Warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

    2. I have tinnitus along with my migraines. You are not alone.

      1. awful isn't it that alone is hard to deal with

      2. Truly difficult. Thanks for sharing - wishing you the best of health this holiday season. Warmly - Rebecca (community moderator)

    3. Thanks so much for bringing up this topic, . I do experience pulsatile tinnitus, but not terribly often. Most often I experience it while lying down, and it's like I can constantly hear my heart beat. It's super annoying and distracting while trying to sleep. I wish that I knew if there was a solution 🙁. Crossing my fingers that more people will chime in on the conversation, and that we'll be able to make sense of it all with more opinions. Thanks for posting! - Cody (Team Member)

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