Will it ever go away?

I was in elementary school (5th grade) we were using glue to attach newspaper articles for a project. I remember the odor of the glue was so strong it made me want to throw up. It didn't seem to bother anyone else so the teacher made me keep working. After about 30 minutes I couldn't see anything (both eyes) from the right side of my peripheral vision. It slowly worked its way across to the left side. It was like part of the picture was missing. Sort of like when a camera flashes in your face & you cant see for a minute.

I noticed that my right arm & hand felt strange, like it wasn't really my hand (numbness & tingling). I got very weak & started throwing up profusely. My tongue felt like it was 3 times too big for my mouth. And I couldn't get words to come out of my mouth. I could think "My name is Buffie" but when I was ask simple questions the answer wouldn't come out of my mouth. The teacher finally took me to the office to call home. By that time I thought my head was going to burst wide open! My Mom took me to the Dr but they didn't think I was old enough (10 yrs old) to have migraines so they didn't give me anything for the pain. I was in bed for 3 days with the shades down in my room. Momma would come in every little bit & put a cool wet towel on my head & bring me fluids. I don't remember anything but the pain & her changing the towels on my head. Every time she would pull a towel off I would throw up from the pain of the blinding light. I had several each year until High School. Then they were coming each month. The asst. Principal was convinced I was a drug user because I couldn't talk when this happened & couldn't tell him what was wrong with me. I was so sick I couldn't even dial my phone number to call home. I had a friend that knew what was wrong just by looking at me. She would go straight to the office & call my Mom.

It got really scary my Junior year of High School. I drove a school bus and had a migraine come on in the middle of my route, We didn't have cell phones or even CB Radios on the bus. I had to send a student to a house to call my Mom. She had to call the school to send another driver out there. Again..... they thought I was on drugs. I had so many drug tests in High School it wasn't even funny!

Finally Momma took me to a neurologist. I was diagnosed with migraines, taught BIOFEEDBACK and given a strict diet of foods I could and couldn't eat. But the Dr. gave me nothing for the pain. He thought I was too young and too small (100 lbs) for pain killers The diet helped a little but I was still getting the Migraines. It wasn't until I was married that I found out that they actually had a shot that would make me sleep through the headache.

So for years I would go to the hospital, get a shot & sleep for days. After I had children I figured out that was not going to work. I tried every kind of drug they had out at the time. When the Imitrex came out I was amazed! I could actually give myself a shot, where ever I was. (work, home etc...) and the headache would just go away! WOW!!!

Then one day I was at work and gave myself a shot & waited the 15 minutes, and waited, and waited, and waited...... It didn't go away. It got worse! My husband took me to the hospital & they said it had the be a certain kind of migraine for the Imitrex to work. So If my migraine didn't come on with the blindness, numbing hand, weakness, throwing up paralyzing pain. etc.... that I shouldn't take the Imitrex. The Imitrex worked opposite. It scared me so bad that I haven't taken Imitrex since. It's bad enough to have a migraine, but to do something that could make it worse?? I would rather not!

Then they came out with STADOL Nose spray. The same medicine Dr put you to sleep with for an operation. It would knock me right out. But It felt like I was paralyzed. I could hear everything in the room and feel all the pain but I couldn't open my eyes, or talk, or get up out of the bed. So that didn't work.

Several years ago I went to the hospital and they gave me a shot of DILAIDID & PHENERGAN. It worked wonders for me! And I wasn't druggy feeling the next morning. It was perfect! But they didn't have a pill for it yet. I could only get it from the hospital.

Now I have 3 children (not so little anymore) and don't have the luxury or the time to keep going to the hospital. (or the $ as I have no insurance). I talked to my Dr last year & He said they have it in a pill now. It is a narcotic and is addictive. But with close monitoring from my Dr. I can take this. I still have headaches practically every day but I do have a pill I can take for it. I just have to plan when I can take them to make sure I can get enough sleep for it to work.

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