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Right eye pain

Anyone experienced pain in right eye only for the last 7 years ? I get the pain 4 times everyday

  1. - to have this for 7 years with no answers is really hard. I'm going to link a couple of articles - they may or may not resonate with you but that may help you start to think about your symptoms and help you have conversations with your health care providers. Both the trigeminal nerve and the occipital nerve provide sensation to the eye (they are both unilateral hence why it only occurs in one eye). Migraine activates both of these nerves. However, I note you said you get the pain 4 times a day- for how long? This can help you navigate what may be occuring to help you find treatments that may work. Also if you have other symptoms (symptoms you may not think to discuss like cranial autonomic symptoms). There's another category called trigeminal autonomic cephalgia and some of us have migraine and a TAC. Or we can of course only have one. Given you said it occurs 4 times a day this may resonate: There are a couple other TACs that might resonate as well- one is called paroxysmal hemicrania which is mentioned here: Given it only happens 4 times a day I'd assume not this one: but will share it as well. Hopefully you can continue having conversations with your providers and narrow down what could be occuring. Anna ( team)

    1. I'm sorry to hear that you're experiencing pain in your right eye. That has to be painful and really challenging, especially given that it's happening four times a day. Have you reached out to your neurologist or headache specialist? I wonder if they have any input with possible explanations or potential connections with any medications that you may be taking. I don't have a medical background, but that always tends to be my starting point.

      Outside of that, I found some articles on our site that you might find helpful to check out. Be sure to check out the comments section of the posts too so you can see fellow member's comments.
      Alene, Team Member

      1. - suffering through 7 years of right eye pain 4 times a day sounds terrible. I'm truly sorry to hear that you're going through this. How have you been managing? I'm interested to know which specialists you've consulted regarding this pain. Additionally, I want to mention that there are some strategies that may help lessen these painful symptoms, such as cold and heat therapy. This link has some useful information as well as this link Experiencing pain in one eye, especially if it's recurring and accompanied by migraines, can be distressing and disruptive to daily life. How are you currently treating this eye pain? Have you used migraine medications such as triptans or more specifically, a CGRP? I certainly hope others read your post and can offer up their experience. Also a migraine diary could be extremely helpful to you and those treating you. It's a great tool to have. Click on the links to get information You can also download an app if you care to keep a diary on a smart phone or tablet. There are a few options available. I sincerely hope you get to the source of your eye pain - it can really upend one's life. Sending strength and perseverance your way to continue the pursuit of better health and wellbeing. Warmly - Rebecca (team member)

        1. I'm just checking in to see how you're doing and to see if you found of the information shared here to be helpful. We're thinking of you and hoping that you find some relief soon!
          Alene, Team Member

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