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1 monthly shot,,, first 2 weeks,,migraine is worse ,, last 2 weeks back to “my normal “ migraine level,, I did notice I was more sensitive in my penis like I had to move it around, but it didn’t help moving it around. That sensation wore off the last week of the 4 week after First Injection. 2 monthly injection was a week ago and I had my worse…

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have you considered looking into IV ketamine therapy. It’s working for depression and migraines in a revolutionary way. You do not need a consult from your regular doctor, just a copy of your records to prove you do suffer from intractable migraines and depression. It IS a silver lining. I hope there is a clinic near you. Please google…

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Has anybody been to the Mayo Clinic headache center for treatment? I am interested if it is just another nuerology clinic or what. It would be a 14 hour drive for me, so I just want to know if it is worth it or not.

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Hi @bobbyc – I can’t believe how alike we sound! Your description of how a migraine develops- by starting in the base of your skull, then cascading over your head and landing in your right eye is PRECISELY what happens to me. And your journey of the last ten years of episodic migraine becoming chronic- until it’s constant and just a matter of…

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I am in the same boat you are. I have had migraines for 53 years. I have been thru the wringer with preventatives and their side effects or no effects. I do know more that most docs. I have shots in my head(not botox), pt on my neck( which worked as long as I was on pt). I am in a daily headache cycle. I am trying CBD oil now. It takes the…

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I’m waving from the Gold Coast, in Australia 😉
If it doesn’t strain you, read up on Cyclone Oma which has just meandered down from PNG-way.

One thing I’m thankful for – I rarely vomit with my migraines, even if I feel nauseous. However I do get Alice symptoms; earlier today, it was like scalpels slicing through to my shinbones and stomach, as…

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I just went through this myself.
I’d started Aimovig in early December but it was having absolutely no impact. I’ve been taking Almotriptan and two Tylenol Ultra pretty much every day for many, many months.
After moving back to Canada after years in Europe, I got a new neurologist who didn’t immediately ask about my drug use even when I told him…