Check out videos that show community advocates and people living with migraine.

By Kerrie Smyres - March 14, 2018
Why is headache so often a side effect of migraine medications? Seeing that headache is a side effect of a new migraine medication that your doctor recommended can be off-putting. I’ve found... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - February 20, 2018
The gammaCore, an external vagus nerve stimulator, received FDA approval for treating migraine on January 29, 2018. I’ve been using it since June 2016 and it’s the most effective treatment I’ve ever... READ MORE

By Kerrie Smyres - February 7, 2018
This video shows what it’s like to use the gammaCore, an external vagus nerve stimulator. It’s painless and (relatively) quick. The stimulator runs for two minutes and you use it twice for... READ MORE

By Holly Baddour - October 23, 2017
For many, tightness in the neck can be the first sign that a migraine attack is coming; for others, sore muscles in the neck and shoulders can be a trigger. In an... READ MORE

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